Affiliate Program

How the Affiliate Program Works?

Interested in making real money from selling our course? We have a strong affiliate program with guaranteed payouts.

Our affiliate program gives you 75% of each sale you make.Which means that your monthly earnings can be:

1 Sale a day    -->     $180 a month

3 Sale a day     -->     $540 a month

5 Sale a day     -->     $900 a month

10 Sale a day     -->     $1800 a month

This product is really converting well in 'Neobux' and other 'PTC' sites.  You can promote through purchasing clicks in PTCs, banners, links in PTCs and forum signatures etc.,

Our affiliate program is managed by Clickbank,, a leading e-commerce company. They are handling our affiliate process and will automatically transfer the commission to your account when an order is made. Through Clickbank e-commerce system you can always check how much money you have made. Everything is fully automated.

Your affiliate link will look like this:

Here are some banners you might like to use to promote






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